Providing efficient, reliable energy while moving to a low-carbon future


NewGen Power Kwinana takes a serious approach to managing its environmental impact, prioritising both emission control and water management. With advanced technologies in place, the power station is a step ahead of conventional plants in reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and water usage.

Emission Control

Fueled by natural gas, emissions from the Kwinana power station are notably lower than other non-renewable sources. The station maintains constant monitoring to explore further reductions.


In a dry region like Western Australia, efficient water use is crucial, especially in power generation. NewGen Power Kwinana recognizes the value of this scarce resource and has implemented efficient water management practices.

Blow-down Filtration and Recycling Station

As the station is situated along the Cockburn Sound coastline, the station is able to efficiently utilise seawater in its cooling processes. Additionally, boiler blow-down water is also recycled. This practice significantly lessens the consumption of fresh water, reducing NewGen Power Kwinana’s daily fresh water usage by one third, compared to conventional plants. The system also rigorously controls the reintroduction of water into Cockburn Sound to ensure the sustainability of the local ecology.